Amman Tech Tuesdays 2nd anniversary review

Today was the 2nd anniversary of Amman Tech Tuesdays (@AmmanTT) and it was really amazing, i’m very proud that we such an amazing start-up industry that is supported by everyone and became known almost worldwide since Jordan is known to be the Silicon valley of the middle east, so many start-ups are launching here and they all have really amazing ideas that could be useful to everyone who is either in the business or normal people who love to use the internet in their daily lives and this is what is happening since it has become a very important part and you can almost do everything through it if you know how to use it well.

So now of course you guys probably want to know what were the most interesting booths i passed by?, here are a couple of which i loved the most, i’ll be posting pictures for each booth from the album here, you can take a look at them as well.

This website which is owned by the amazing @FidaTaher  and here is a brief about it:

Zaytouneh, is a video production company specializing in producing short tutorial cooking videos for digital media. It is of note that the content produced will be available in several Arabic dialects as well as other languages.

Zaytouneh aims to become the world’s largest library for short and illustrative cooking tutorials through multi-platforms, including websites and smart-phone applications.

Now we all have the arabic food channel Fatafeat which is awesome but for those who love the internet so much that they depend on it in everything will love Zaytouneh, i’ve been a fan since they first opened up, when we want to cook something home and we miss the recipe i immediately think ZAYTOUNEH, you just get into the website and type in what you need and you’ll find an awesome clear crystal clear video of what you need, and they immediately start with no introductions and lame jokes and these stuff. This website might have a large if not mostly female fan base but for me as a guy who loved food i find it to be very useful specially for guys who happen to live alone and want to cook their own food and not eat out for example.

Of course what makes it successful is that they’re depending on Social Media in communicating and reaching out which will guarantee their success. I would like to salute Fida and her team and wish them good luck in all their future plans, they’re amazing and their effort should be rewarded.


Jamalon is a really good online book store, they sell all sorts of books and you can get them all from one website only with very easy steps when ordering and everything you need to know is right front of you without doing much, i recently got from them a book and they delivered it within 48 hours as they promised and it got to me through Aramex to my doorstep. I recommend them if you are into books and these stuff.

What an awesome service, just what we need in jordan, karasi means chairs in english and through the website you can buy tickets to any concert happening in Jordan, they follow the e-ticketing way. Just buy the ticket and print it out and they’ll scan it at the doors when you want to enter the concert. I once got tickets from them when i attended a concert for a local band in downtown amman, they were very organized and fast which is exactly what we need rather then the old method that we all got bored of, check them out and you’ll love them,

Prodigi are just awesome, @Moeys is leading an awesome team of community managers who are running different pages. They add the cool element to the company which in my opinion works like a charm. Moeys happens to be an awesome designer and the logo of the company is designed by him. They’re managing a couple of pages such as the amazing radio station BEAT FM 102.5, ISTIKANA the website were you can watch cartoons and other stuff and such as these wonderful startups and websites.

 And the list goes on and on, we have such an amazing tech scene here in Jordan and I’m certain that it’ll expand further with time, we got the talent and we got those investors who are willing to support, Amman Tech Tuesdays is just the place that gathers them all under one roof like in this event and other events every month.

I hope you guys find this blog post useful and hopefully it could give you an insight of what Jordan has.

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