Environmental activist denied entry to Jordan for helping Syrian refugees!

Through a local Jordanian page in the name of the capital Amman i learned that Environmental activist who is known through the name ABU SALEEM has been denied entry into Jordan! Here’s what he said on his facebook profile:

Seriously? An selm or as Jordanian know him ABU SALEEM as i previously stated is a Jordanian who holds the German nationality. He loves Jordan a lot and he worked in endless Environmental projects. He’s most know project is FREE GARDENS where he turns not used spaces in neighborhoods into gardens for kids. His projects usually have a very low budget or even cost nothing. ABU SALEEM was known more after the famous web tv ARAMRAM teamed up with him and made reports that aim to raise awareness about the environmental issues that concern Jordanians.

In return of his hard work and love for Jordan he was rewarded with not being allowed into the country, why? For a very lame and stupid reason! For helping Syrian refugees. Seriously? You get denied entry into a country because you want to help refugees in it?

Problem is, the page AMMAN that has almost 250K members posted a lot about him trying to let people know what’s going on with the guy exactly, who’s he! What did he do. And all posts were met with mockery and cursing, and anyone who speaks up for him gets cursed as well. They’re even encouraging the idea of him staying out of Jordan! I couldn’t believe my eyes when i read people accusing him of wanting to damage the image of Jordan. There were even comments on his looks!

Reading those comments for such an important subject is such a disgrace. They make me feel sick! The level of ignorance is too high! I can’t believe there are people who actually think they’re helping their country like this. If they themselves aren’t helping in making their country better, why don’t they want anyone else to do so? They probably litter. Amman is filled with Garbage because people have a pepsi then throw the can to the street normally like it’s nothing. And then when a guy like ABU SALEEM comes and helps out in making things just a little bit better, this is the treatment he gets. This is what he gets for helping out Jordanians understand the enviroment better, this is what he gets for having some humanity and helping out Syrian refugees.

I hate how things are going in the country! I demand the Jordanian government to allow the entry of ABU SALEEM and o even demand an apology for the treatment he received and i announce my full support in his fight to get back into Jordan and do what he wants.


We are all Abu Saleem كلنا أبو سليم


The Gardens of Freedom

4 thoughts on “Environmental activist denied entry to Jordan for helping Syrian refugees!

  1. مبينة عشان ما ينتبه حد للجان الاغاثة المحلية و كيق بتسرق مساعدات بتيجي بالملايين لأغاثة الاجئين السوريين …و بعدين ما بشبه انجلينا جولي الله يسامحه لو انه نفخ شفايفه و اشياء اخرى كان ناصر جودة بذات نفسه خلاه يبقى ..معلش بكرة بطلع الاخنب سميح المعايطة بقللك سفرنا الماني كان بيتجسس على مخيمات الاجئين السوريين و مجند من قبل نظام الاسد


  2. So has helping Syrian refugees become a crime in Jordan nowadays? I mean please if this is the guy’s crime then there is seriously something wrong with how things are going in Jordan. Any idea what kind of help did he extend to the refugees by the way? This is unclear in all the articles I read on the topic.


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