The secret revealed

I just got back from downtown Amman where you’ll find the biggest portion of the people there, walking down KING TALAL street where you’ll find everything you need. This is a used cloths market located near the well known raghadan bus station that has buses going to almost everywhere in the city. It doesn’t have an obvious sign, you’d know about it only from people who go there.

It might not be a big secret but lot’s of Jordanians would try to hide that face that lot’s of there cloths are from this market and others like it around the city. You’d find malls crowded with people but most of them are there to watch. The most you could do in a mall when you have some extra cash on the side is have dinner and it’ll be at Macdonalds or KFC…etc, if you have some more extra cash you can go have coffee from Starbucks and think you’re in luxury.

From a protest in Ramallah/Palestine against high prices, sign says “I go to the market and LIKE then go home”

Yes i buy my cloths used, do you?




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