Jordan protests in pictures

Protests in Jordan continue for the 7th entering into the 8th day in a row. The prices of fuel have lead people of Jordan to go out to protest in thousands in all different areas of the capital Amman and in different cities in the south and the north. Lot’s of new areas have entered the protest movement and we’re seeing lot’s of new faces.

Also the loyalist protests have increased, in different Jordanian cities including the capital Amman loyalists are parading through the streets in their cars and on foot to announce support for the king. Also the Unions marched today from the main building in shemesani area of Amman to the 4th circle where the prime ministry head quarters is.

So i can say that for sure protests are still ongoing strong with daring chants that take place in a wide scale for the first time in the history of Jordan. Chants such as “Down with the regime” and “Freedom, freedom. Against your will Abduallah” are still present strong in the protests and although i personally disagree with the “Down with regime” chant but i have very high respect for those who dared to chant it and i refuse strongly all accusations that were directed to me over the past couple of days that I’m seeking the destruction of this country and even all those protesters who go out do not seek any damage. They’re peaceful and they will always be and there is so much evidence to support what I’m saying.

I got to meet a very talented free lance photography named “Omar Alkalouti“, he has been taking pictures of the protests since day one. He risked being arrested and attacked a couple of times in order to come out with those pictures. Unfortunately his pictures aren’t seen yet, this is why i made this post to showcase his pictures. I’ll add the best ones i like and the rest you can see on his page on facebook.

Protestors show up in the thousands in Amman, Jordan to protest the rise in gas cost. The protest started at 8pm Nov.12th and went on till 5am on the 13th and ended with a fierce response from Jordan security forces with water cannons and night sticks. The crowed was asked to disperse several times and refused. Similar protest occurred throughout Jordan regarding the gas cost. Amman, Jordan Nov. 13, 2012 (Credited Image: © Omar Alkalouti /

Protestors gather by the thousands at the Hussein Mosque to rally against King Abdullah chanting anti regime slogans in Amman, Jordan Nov 16, 2012 (Credited Image: © Omar Alkalouti /
A group of hundreds of anti-regime protests at 11 p.m. made an assault on the Al Nuzha police station and a large group of pro-regime supporters with a barrage of rocks, police responded with tear gas and live ammunition dispersing the attackers in a section of Amman, Jordan called Hussein Camp an area occupied by Palestinian refugees since 1948. Nov. 17, 2012. (Credited Image: © Omar Alkalouti /


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