The forbidden celebration, new year’s eve in Amman

People just want to have a good time, this sentence was going through my mind while i was taking pictures and videos of new year’s celebrations in western Amman. They say only the rich can celebrate, but it wasn’t the case as i saw it. There were probably thousands in the streets eager to have a good time. For me honestly i can’t understand the idea of being home while we’re entering a new year. The least you can do is go for a spin and have a good time with friends and it doesn’t have to cost much.


What bothered me is the traffic police who were closing streets in the face of people, there’s no where to go. I witnessed 2 fights with traffic police officers. One of the fights got bad when the traffic police officer pushed a man front  of his wife because he wanted to enter a closed street. The situation got pretty messy, but on the other hand it was nice. Despite all the restrictions people gathered at Abdoun roundabout, i saw entire families and even women which is a development because last year there were no females in sight.

Videos are being uploaded as i type this post, once they’re out I’ll post them here. Meanwhile here are a couple of pictures:




Check out the rest of the pictures on

d (Mobile)

2 thoughts on “The forbidden celebration, new year’s eve in Amman

  1. Really don’t understand the concept of restricting celebrations on this occasion, happened this time here too but people found a way to go around those anyway.
    Oh, and a happy new year Jordan!
    May it augur the best for all of you.🙂


    1. I don’t understand the restrictions as well, people in this country are going through a lot of crap. We could use a day in the year “At least” to let go of everything and just go crazy. Guys here found a way around as well but it wasn’t as fun as before. I expected things to be more crazy.

      Thank you and happy new year as well. May it be awesome for you🙂


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