Homeless in the cold

Homeless in the cold

On the interior roundabout in the heart of the Jordanian capital Amman this man was sitting on the edge a bench placed on the roundabout shaking from cold. He’s surrounded with tons of signs hanged all over the roundabout for the parliamentary elections which are taking place soon.

I noticed him while i was getting out of my colleagues car who drove me to the roundabout after we both finished work. As soon as i got out from the car i noticed him. He was rubbing his behind on the bench and shaking. Without thinking i approached him and asked him what’s wrong? He looked at my camera and said, are you a reporter? I told him no, I’m just a photographer. He said I’m a homeless man who can’t find food or shelter, this is where I’ll be sleeping tonight.

 I felt like crap as i was hearing his words, i wished i was able to do something for him but my financial situation is hanging on a thread since we haven’t been paid for the past month yet at work. I barely managed to go through the day and all the money i had left on me vanished with the heavy winds when i paid for the taxi.

All i could do is take his permission to take a picture of him and then as i was waiting for the taxi i prayed for him and all those who don’t have shelter in this cold weather. I can’t imagine what they’ll go through with the upcoming snowstorm which is expected on the capital and all of Jordan on Saturday and Wednesday. God be with them, they’re freezing while the corrupt in the country are enjoying the warmth of their homes.

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2 thoughts on “Homeless in the cold

  1. This is just heartbreaking…The election’s tents should be shelter for those people, at least, with those spam signs as firewood…that…at least would make all of this election crap a tiny bit useful😥


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