PICTURES: North Hashmi photo walk

ddd (3)

On Friday 19th of January I was fortunate to take part in a Photo walk that happens every month in a different area around Amman. The mission of this photo walk is to document all areas of Amman and also to gather all Photographers and photography lovers to take pictures. This comes from Amman digital community which owns a page named Amman and owns other pages as well. Page which gathers Photography loves is named طلعة تصوير.

Anyways, we went to an area in east of Amman named HASHMI and we were at the north of it to be accurate. As you can see from the picture above we were in big numbers, people freaked out. In the market area when we first gathered people were very curios to know what is going on. I mean they are excused, you see more then 50 guys and girls holding cameras and standing in one place. Of course you’re going to start wondering what the hell is going on.


Anyways, here are 13 pictures i took. They’re all black and white which is my favorite type of Photography, would love to know what you guys think:

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