PICTURES: Parliamentary Elections

I just don’t get how people are happy about the elections? Alright you went to vote and it was highly organized as everyone is saying but what is the end result? The end is result is a parliament that is an exact replica of the previous one. I’ll be optimistic this time and say that there are some MP’s who “MIGHT” deserve to win.

The way i see it. Even if there were let’s say 10 good MP’s in the parliament who didn’t get their hand dirty, didn’t buy votes. Didn’t break laws in order to have the seat then it’s a good thing but think about. What will they be able to accomplish when the majority are corrupt and have their hands dirty? For god sake there are candidates in Jail right now and they actually won! One of them is an owner of a travel and tourism company named Dallas. He sent out people all over the world in expensive trips to get votes and he won!, in what way does this make any sense? What are those laws that allow the corrupt to represent the Jordanian people in the Parliament?

Yesterday i got off work earlier then usual to go to the polling station near my home in Tabarbour area east of Amman. I stood there looking while smoking a cigarette and i could see tons of violations that shouldn’t be happening. I couldn’t believe my eyes when i walked down the street a couple of meters away from the polling station when i saw a group of men gathered. I could immediately tell while I’m un experienced in these things that they were buying votes. Where is the police? They were not seen except at a car parked close to the polling station exit. There were a couple of traffic police officers who were desperately trying to organize an out of control traffic jam but those officers won’t be able to stop anything because they simply can’t.

Law forbids candidates and their supporters to promote yet loads of electoral propaganda  took place and under the eyes of law enforcement. They say it’s organized and better this year, sorry but what i saw with my own eyes and what others saw overcomes all this.

What made me furious yesterday is the amount of new accounts on twitter with loads of followers and few following, they suddenly appeared out of the blue ans they had an agenda, to curse the Muslim brotherhood who boycotted the elections and to curse the boy cotters. Some of them went as far as calling for the withdraw of Jordanian nationality from those who didn’t cast their votes.

Last thing to mention is the role of social media, as a man who works in social media and as a lover of it i loved what happened yesterday. Jordanians tweeted, wrote posts on facebook about the elections through out the day. Despite where they stand on the whole thing. Elections would be easily followed through social networks which proves everyday how important social media is and what the role it’s playing in making things better. I truly believe that it’s going to get even more good which is something I’m excited for.

Here are a couple of pictures i took yesterday at the polling station near my house in Tabarbour area east of Amman:







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