QAIA: It’s all about the memories


Today is the last day for the old Queen Alia International Airport building, since the new airport building is finally up and running they’re closing down the old one. Honestly speaking, screw the building itself. I couldn’t care less for it’s closure but when i remember the memories it represents i just feel like driving there and walking in it for one last time.

I’ve only known this airport since i was born, it held a lot of memories of us as a family going there every time we receive a loved one or say good bye. Mostly at summer time. And i always get happy when we drive to the airport. The way to it is long and refreshing to drive on. You move away from the city for a couple of Kilo’s and forget the noise and everything that bothers you about the city. It would feel like a trip, but then I’d want to reach there fast because i can’t wait to meet the loved ones who come. They are mostly my uncles who live in different countries, Spain. United states  and United Arab Emirates.

2011.5.5 Queen Alia International Airport, Amman, Jordan_1

I memorize every part of the Airport. The parking, restaurants inside and those booths who sell everything. And what helped me in knowing it even more is that i used to work as a car rental agent and a driver for tourists for a while. I memorized every part of the road leading to the airport and the workers there, hell is even remember the police officers, before i left my job i reached a level where they’d let me park the car in forbidden places because i became good friends with them.

Anyways, we have a new airport now and i must say. It looks great! The chairs have ports to charge your smartphone! I don’t know about you guys but this is the first i see something like this in an Airport. Also it looks awesome!, i witnessed the very start of it’s construction. I even had an accident in a rental car i was driving in the detours we took. There are just too much memories.

Think about it, an airport in your city is part of you. You get used to it like you get used to your home.

UPDATE: A friend just sent me this picture, it’s for the last flight “Royal Jordanian” leaving from QAIA to Riyadh:


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